COVID-19 Phase 2 Update

Hello LakeRidge, Pastor Lyndol here to share with you important information about Phases 2 & 3 of our church building usage plans. Just like Phase 1 of the building reopening process, these phases are going to require a great deal of patience, flexibility, and a willingness to sacrifice for others. They are also contingent upon changing circumstances that could arise in the future. 

During these next two phases, our sanctuary and activity center will continue to be open for worship on Sunday mornings at 9:15 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.. 

Common areas and gathering spaces of the building will continue to be closed. I’m sorry, but yes, that includes the coffee bar. However, feel free to bring your own cup of Joe or doughnut with you if you desire. 

We will continue with all of the social distancing, cleaning measures, and other precautions that we have been observing these past few weeks. The other option for worship is to participate via our livestream on FaceBook Live, YouTube, or the church website for those who are unable or prefer to worship from home during this season. 

Beginning next Sunday, July 19, Phase 2 will go into effect as adult Sunday School Classes will once again be able to meet in person, but only at 50% of the capacity of the assigned room, much like people are able to do at restaurants. Pastor Brian is in the process of checking in with each of the Sunday School class leaders who, in turn, will be communicating with class members about specific information pertaining to each unique class. As always, we recommend and highly urge the usage of facial coverings during these class meetings. It may be that some classes will be most comfortable continuing to meet via phone, Zoom, or other technology, which we completely understand. 

On Sunday, August 2, our nursery, children’s ministry, and student ministry will resume. However, this too will look a little bit different. These ministries will also take place at 50% of the capacity of the room. Following the same guidance our local school districts have adopted, adults will wear masks except when giving direct instruction, and students will wear masks as appropriate.

While we will hire the needed number of nursery workers for our needs, taking this next step will require additional people who are willing to step up to teach our children and youth. The children of our church need parents and other adults to help answer the call. Children’s director, DeAnna Ward, and student director, Bryan Burk, would love to hear from you. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, listen to me very carefully, if you are at high-risk because of your age or underlying health conditions, I encourage you to stay home and continue watching online. While I would love to see you in person, I love you, and I want you to stay healthy. 

There continues to be a lot of tension in our country. Some want to open fully, others passionately believe in keeping everything closed. Here’s how we’re going to continue to approach it. We will respect the thought and intentions of others. We will not make anyone feel lesser or non-spiritual because they have a different approach. Listen to me, attending in person is not a sign that you are more mature, or more godly, or more committed than the person who chooses to stay at home. 

Staying at home does not make you smarter or more caring than the person who chooses to attend in person. You’ve always done a beautiful job of loving and caring for others in the past, let’s keep that same attitude of love and concern as we find our way forward together.

However, I do feel compelled to say this. If you have been out consistently shopping in stores, eating in local restaurants, or attending children’s sporting events, I want to encourage you to come worship with us in person. I can promise you that our staff and volunteers are going to great lengths to provide you with a safe environment in which to worship. 

As your pastor, please know that I love all of you. These are a couple of the steps that we are taking to move forward during this time of great challenge. Until the day when we can remove all restrictions, please know that my prayer for all of us is that we would know and experience the peace of God which passes all understanding.

-Pastor Lyndol Loyd