The love of Jesus around the world through the power of the Spirit!


  • Connecting Passions:  We find out what the passions of people are in our ministry and connect them in order that they may make an impact where they are most excited about being the hands and feet of Jesus.


  • Yearly Connections:  Twice a year we connect with the same groups outside of Lubbock so we can have an ongoing impact on those communities for the kingdom.

For more information contact Jason Owens


  • Life Together:  Prayer, fellowship and a meal together each week at 5:30pm. Everyone provides their own food.  For location, email Jason Owens


  • “Family” Gatherings: Periodic meetings which happen every 6 weeks or so where we, as brothers and sisters in Christ, organize intentional fellowship through different avenues such as bowling, volleyball, water games and more!



Spiritual Growth

  • Connections: at 11:45 a.m. Sundays
    Weekly gathering of Bible study, fellowship, prayer and free food.


  • Wesley Band Meetings:
    These groups meet throughout the week. They are focused on Scripture, prayer, accountability and living out the reality of being Christ’s body in the world. For more information, contact Isaac Doyle or Jason Owens.

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